Addicted to adrenaline


Last Sunday I decided to sample the roller coaster slides at Splash Waterworld. There are two types. A covered tunnel and a second one that is open. Let’s talk about the covered one. I see my troop having so much fun at the exit of the tunnel. In my head I am like, Amakove, this looks easy despite your fear of heights. And up the long flight of stairs I haul my pretty self. The ascent is enough exercise. Good that I don’t pant so much. The cycling is paying off for this couch potato. At the top is a deck. Exiting from the deck are the two tunnels. There is a continuous supply of water gushing down.

Perhaps this was not a good idea after all. I think. There are a few teenagers milling around. Some young kids shove me to the side as they make their way to…

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