How to add a new disk shelf to a NetApp filer

Assumption:- Filer has already one disk shelf connected this is the new one which has to be added and cabled.
Cables required:- Two SAS cables , Two ACP (CAT6 ETHERNET ) cables if any
1. Rack the shelf
2. Connect power cables & turn the shelf on (wait about 30 seconds)
3. On the front of the shelf, change the shelf id to something unique. (try and keep it sequential with the shelf that’s already there)  DO NOT USE “00”
4. Wait about 45 seconds and then restart the shelf and make sure the new shelf ID came up.
4. SSH into both filers and do “options disk.auto_assign off”
5. Do a “storage show disk -p” on both controllers and copy the contents into a txt file and save it. (run this command again and make sure all your disks are still there)
6. Do a “options autosupport.doit “before shelf add”” on both controllers since i’m scared your doing this via community forums. (“before shelf add” is in quotes on the command)
5. Now for the fun part, take a SAS cable and plug one end into the TOP circle of the OLD shelf and plug it in the BOTTOM square of the NEW shelf
6. Now take another SAS cable and plug one end into the BOTTOM circle of the OLD shelf and plug it into the TOP square of the new shelf
7. assign your disks and don’t forget to turn back on disk auto assign when you’re done.
8. Run “storage show disk -p” and make sure all of your old disks are there.
(shelves at the end of a stack are always reversed, this is a special circumstance and you will not cable all shelves like this in the future

How to add disk to ASM

Some really useful pointers on adding new disk to ASM


How to add disk to ASM (DATABASE) runing in production server

We have database running on ASM, after two years we faced the problem of space deficiency.

Now we planed to add disk to ASM diskgroup DATAGROUP.

SQL> @asm
NAME                 TOTAL_GB                FREE_GB
------------------------------ ---------- ----------
DATAGROUP            249.995117             15.2236328
IDXGROUP             149.99707              10.4892578

Steps are below

1) Create partition of disk /dev/sdm which we got new LUN from Storage

[root@rac-node1 ~]# fdisk -l /dev/sdm Disk /dev/sdm: 85.8 GB, 85899345920 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 10443 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Disk /dev/sdm doesn't contain a valid partition table [root@rac-node1 ~]# fdisk /dev/sdm Device contains neither a valid DOS partition table, nor Sun…

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